Avanti West Coast Offers Access to Free School Trips

Handsam School Trips Advisor

Avanti West Coast has teamed up with spoken word artist, George the Poet, in launching Feel Good Field Trips for children from schools with high pupil premium rates, following the various lockdowns all over the country.

As part of the scheme, Avanti West Coast is offering free school trips to any destination on their mainline for 5,000 children aged four to 18. This will provide children with the freedom to travel after being denied it during the pandemic.

The campaign aims to bring together pupils of all socio-economic backgrounds and introduce them to a range of learning opportunities over the mainline train route. Pupils have already travelled to Manchester, Coventry and London where pupils were given the opportunity to experience a hands-on, culturally diverse school trip through the scheme. Destinations to be added include the Lake District and Glasgow.

To find out more, go to avantiwestcoast.co.uk.

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