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March 2022


Stress Awareness Month

International Women's Day

Schools Must Follow Uniform Rules

Political Impartiality in Schools

Independent Enquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

Free Cyber-attack Software

NCSC Cyber Security Update


CLEAPSS New Online Audit Training

New Early Years Risk Assessments

Handsam: New Audit Actions

Handsam: New Documents Feature

FPA: Building Cladding after Grenfell

Updated First Aid Guidance

Improving School Food Standards

Changes to PPE Regulations

Nursery Fined After Death of Toddler

NHS COvis passes for 12-15 year-olds

Cornwall Heritage Trust Transport Funding

School fined after Mountain Hike


January 2022


Affluent abuse and neglect Menopause: returning to work New risk assessment template for cleaning Hundreds of calls made to sexual abuse helpline International Safer Internet Day Children’s Mental Health Week Are you prepared for colder conditions? The effects of pornography on the developing child Dealing with violence at school FPA: fire services struggling Taking sick leave Successfully managing the return of Ofsted inspections Support for senior leaders Boy banned from trip due to covid Wildlife trusts campaign Funding for West Midlands schools to learn about nature HSE statistics 2021


November 2021


Menopause in the workplace. Effect of pornography on the developing mind Peer-on-peer abuse 3 Alcohol Awareness Week Road Safety Week. Stress Awareness Day Guide to Emoji slang Advice on internet safety Putting on a school concert Recording restraint Preparing for a Handsam radiation inspection. Safe waste disposal Successfully Negotiating the Safeguarding Element of Ofsted Inspections The Children's Code E-Training course on Cyber Security (NCSC training for school staff) The Parable of Gord King-Wencelas


September 2021


Relaunch of Handsam Schools Trips Advisor School swimming Child self-harm Peer-on-peer abuse 2 Eating disorder treatment. Keeping Children Safe in Education Updated KCSIE training course Are you ready for Natasha’s Law? Handsam Improvement Plans Policy Templates Department Manager Function Assigning and creating training packages. Changes to the NQT process The Children's Code UK GDPR adequacy decision Fire doors Urgent capital support New England Hockey guidance What a good staff room noticeboard should look like


June 2021


Establishing protocol on link governor visits Peer-on-peer abuse 1 Resilience Event Natasha’s Law National School Sports Week Pride Month The Children's Code Milk subsidies School parking HSE updates


April 2021


Adverse Childhood Experiences and the traumatised brain. Resilience Event National Teen Self-esteem Month. #SpeakUpForAllergies campaign. The Children's Code Voice Care New Documents: Dealing with violence Handsam Links function Good Estate management Responsibility of academy boards


February 2021

------- School records How Brexit will change the way we deal with data protection Council for Learning Outside the Classroom Combined Cadet Force Priority vaccinations for teachers who work with clinically extremely vulnerable children Children witnessing domestic abuse Protocols for ensuring effective governing body or trustee meetings Dr Chris Lowe's report on assaults on school staff Business continuity plan. Gate Safe article and 20 free desk-based safety surveys Fogging in Schools Eating Disorders Awareness Week (March 1st-7th) Stress Awareness Month (April)


January 2021

------- COVID-related RIDDOR incidents HSE's ventilation guidelines Current state of mental health in the education sector Post-Brexit transition for schools. Keeping children safe on social media Successfully implement a catch-up premium plan Assaults on school staff Climbing walls Updates to the General Estates Management (GEMS) guidance LGBT History Month Veganuary School trips in Japan have gone virtual Racism in British schools Subject access requests (SARs) Coronavirus and pregnant employees Building a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing


November 2020


Key updates to government advice for the new national lockdown period Cleaning your facility with foggers Guidance for first responders Ensure special needs students are not "shut out" during Coronavirus restrictions Online misuse during lockdown Managing the implications of the new statutory landscape Tree safety Period poverty Government guidance on gender identity New risk assessment templates Anti-bullying week New guidance on aerosol procedures (AGP) Ofsted report on lockdowns Winter preparations


September 2020

------- Stay safe while video conferencing What to do if a student becomes unwell with Coronavirus How to make sure your premises are free from legionella, following a prolonged break New E-Training courses on COVID-19 Hygiene and PPE Do's and dont's of reopening your school HSE's plans to spot-check schools to make sure they are COVID-19 ready Adverse childhood experiences Blended learning approaches World Peace Day Keeping Children Safe in Education Collecting the right data How to deal with COVID-19 Should you publish your Coronavirus RA online Restart a heart day NEU advice on medically vulnerable groups


February 2020

------- COVID: what it is and how to avoid it Drug mules, joint enterprise and country lines Forest school Eating disorder awareness week Cleaning up bodily fluids Devolved data powers of the UK Character education Changing approaches to lesson observations Why your finance team needs to know about CLEAPSS New IOSH competency framework Managing contractors


January 2020

------- Noise in the classroom Gate duty Legionella risk management The role of the data protection officer Dealing with tragedy and loss The effective use of teaching assistants Theme park safety Supporting the LGBTQ+ community in a school setting New IOSH competency framework Keep your passwords secure Changes to E-training Supporting students and staff with allergies Managing contractors


November 2019


Changing framework for Ofsted inspections, Energy efficiency in schools Withdrawal from RSE and sex education The importance of teacher mental health New courses: Managing Minibuses and Employees and Minibuses Drone guidance Dead leg pipework Child performance licences Workplace temperatures Workbook scrutiny and lesson observations Jewellery in PE Academy financial handbook Guide to policies Managing snow and ice Classroom noise and acoustics


September 2019

------- Keeping Children Safe in Education Academies Financial Handbook 2019 How to manage extra-curricular activities Supporting students with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Reasonable adjustments for visually impaired pupils The importance of student mental health New courses on stress Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder Handling data breaches Tackling online safety in schools Managing school detentions Virtual reality field trips Preparing for Brexit Mesothelioma and asbestos Is your school recycling enough? Banning mobile phones in schools Catering for vegetarians and vegans The mental health of students Walk to school LGBT sex and relationship guidance How Brexit will affect school trips


June 2019

------- Staying Safe in the Chemistry Lab Preparing Your Classroom for the New School Year Health and Safety on Sports Days Data Protection Terminology County Lines Effective Disability Access Plans. Cyberbullying Ofsted framework summary Should you be displaying your H&S online Handling livestock on the premises London emission zones New stress E-training New KCSIE Academies financial handbook Risk assessments for school productions and parents evenings and open evenings Warning about faulty auto-injectors


May 2019

------- Minimising pollution on your premises Protecting pupils from the sun Reasonable adjustments for hearing impaired students and staff Dealing with and interruption to the school water supply Updates from the ESFA Food allergens HSE's new sentencing methods Breast ironing Support women returning from maternity leave Ending the workplace stigma of men's mental health Foster care fortnight The work of FFT PE and the revised Ofsted framework Reducing workload in school What is asbestos and what are the risks/ Supporting students and staff with epilepsy E-Training course on Managing and Administering Medicines


February 2019


Related party transaction Tinnitus Saving water Walk to work Family safety week Trees and woodland Lifesaving skills initiative Pupil mental health and wellbeing Assessing the quality of education through the curriculum intent No smoking day Time to talk Are you getting enough sleep? Health and safety on educational visits Eating disorders in school Managing work-related stress Allergen labelling laws set to change Procurement considerations in the event of a no-deal Sexual harassment Water margins Curriculum and assessment


January 2019

------- Supporting supply teachers Autoinjectors Disability discrimination in schools Developing a positive culture towards mental health Implications of mandatory health and relationships guidance A collaborative approach to the curriculum Do's and don’ts of work experience Big energy saving week Walking and cycling to school Managing medicines Daily mile Children’s mental health New DfE guidance Proposed changes to RIDDOR Playground repairs Engaging pupils with health and safety Unseen seizures Asbestos; managing the silent killer Mental healthcare and young women Poverty shaming tackled 20 years of LOLER and PUWER


November 2018

------- Lone working E-training Internal exclusion facilities SEN provision check-up time Autoinjector use SEND compliance guidance Curriculum commentary School workforce planning Talking toolkit on stress Anti-bullying week Allergen risk Health and safety committees Handsam innovations Pressure systems Hot-working Ionising radiation regulations Managing snow and ice Passenger lifts GEMS: 10 questions for boards Bright tribe controversy Voice care Youngest pupil poverty referral Supporting excellence in school resource management Trustee knowledge of health and safety Disability access Education finance news Hand-arm vibration Asthma attacks double on return to school An image use warning


September 2018

------- Asbestos gauzes Restart a heart Gems School financial health Fire doors HIPS New Handsam system innovations Staff briefing document Safety in drama Disqualification by association Banning mobiles Asbestos mismanagement Tasklist revision CLOtC conference Doki doki literature club Peer on peer abuse PPE Noise management in education GEMS Swimming pool Industry placement Managing the heat KCSiE2018 Continuing school trip learning back in the classroom Forced marriage prevention Worker status


June 2018


GDPR cases Consultation results Compensation claim Cyber threat Ofsted inspection changes Get more children walking to school Managing radiation New GDPR Insurance arrangements for RPA Education health and care plans Music funding allocation Pencil cases banned Gloves for chemical protection Maternity/SPL Boarding schools GEMS A value judgment on assessment Retention strategies Brexit effect on trips Stowaways on Manchester coach ICT suite safety Asbestos still an ISSUE Slips and trips


April 2018

------- Asbestos Management Assurance Parking outside schools Leadership and management Testing new fire alarms New and expectant mothers Handsam task consultation Cleaning and caretaking PFI woes continue Remote working Reasonable force and reasonable suspicion Performance management New investigating accidents E-training Working at height A snapshot of mental health Disability access audit How to do change well Disqualification rule changes Open farm school days Teach on the beach Abandoned pupil Guide to reducing fraud Saw injury 2017 landmark cases Admissions cap removed Academies benchmark report Food technology Share the joy campaign Meals for the disadvantaged Safety signage


March 2018

------- The asbestos management assurance process Train primary teachers in mental health first aid Compensation pay-outs Fire safety round-up School and early years finance Accidents reporting and recording Increased hacker threat to school Playground craze is a choking hazard Searching, screening and confiscation Literacy measures announced Is your school gate safe aware? Concrete cladding Youth and knife crime Electrical compliance Reasonable force Ionizing radiation regulations 2017 Segregation Hijab ban Distrust and data management Unauthorised absence Safe traffic management Fire and the cost of safety Nerf guns Passenger lifts Iso 45001 launch Sexual harassment Free nature sessions for primary schools Academy trust pushes lessons outside the classroom Facetime a farmer Acid attacks Removing governors Occupational health School bags searched Ministers app – a cautionary tale Travel management failure Tide pod challenge Wall collapse Inspiring governance


January 2018

------- Double standards for Disney trip Mental health fact or myth? The dangers of sliding down bannisters Crisis management Mental health in numbers Prevent DBS for playground access Road safety Kitkat gate E-cigarettes Guillotines Uniform rule breakers Workspace health statistics Summers schools Sexual harassment Knives Hot-working Five car crash meters from school Winter preparations Lockdown procedures Segregation issues Retention periods Parental complaints Breastfeeding case Ionising regulations


November 2017


A new approach for Ofsted Corrosive chemicals Risk assessment 31 new cadet units Healthy lunchboxes Teacher recruitment and innovation fund Durand challenge Ofsted Illegal processing of data Legionella Disability discrimination Learning away Truancy clampdown Art display crushes student Mental health pilot scheme Dress code debate Finger injuries Safeguarding Auto-injectors London parking band sparks criticism Court of ruling appeal 5 ways to increase productivity 4 tips for looking after your mental health


September 2017

------- New Category on the Secondary Health and Safety Tasklist Finance and organisation updates Constitution of governing bodies GCS partnership Exclusion consultation and guidance review ISCG partnership Allegations of abuse against staff Academy trust financial returns Snapchat map feature Major M25 bus crash School safety culture Bushcraft level 2 Teacher fired for secret wrestling club Lilac sky academy trust Scottish education reforms Health and safety induction Air conditioning inspections Minibus End of the day collections Forced marriage Weighty finer for asbestos mismanagement Academy financial handbook 2017 Fire safety after Grenfell 5 signs that mental health is an ISSUE in your school Mental Health Problems are Affecting the Education of Over 800,000 Children Disability discrimination Accident investigation Uniform protest


June 2017

------- New School Funding Formula Announced Apprenticeship levy Q&A Introducing the SAM twins Staff H&S briefing document Parliament education West Midlands Safari Park World para athletic championships Air quality still ignored Spike in knife crime Saving money A holiday on public money Music licensing Data protection officer New rugby warm-up Power to remove governors Allergy death GDPR Pricey headteacher is suspended Clerking competency framework School, financial health Whistleblowing Fire safety Dress code examples Grammar schools AFPE quality mark EPC 5 common signs a child is being bullied 7 TV and film characters with mental illness Blue whale Emergencies on school trips Age management


April 2017

------- The parliament education system, Competency framework for clerks The future of the planet EYFS framework update Caught in Westminster terror Mayfield school inquest immigration skills charge levy Mew asbestos guidance Saving money Contractor tragedy Pupils strike about toilets Announcement on teacher developments New T-Levels announced Academy closure National living wage increase Sanitation or education 5000 pupils evacuated Using a phone at the wheel Scottish mental health care inadequacies Orchestra free school Sponsor capacity concerns Petition drives out head School financial health Gaming the system Director fines Dress codes Scarlet fever and sepsis Dealing with tragedy slime health warning Teacher workload DEC Mental health and bullying What is mindfulness SRE provision Fixed electrical wiring


February 2017


Terror in Westminster New staffing guidance AALA review Louvre knife attack Scottish bus crash NICE consultation Payment accountability Business rates Principal suspended PFI failing in Scotland GDPR Choking fatality Lockdown alert Uber The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Exam malpractice reports Police and/or parents School financial health Apprenticeship levy Shared society Fines for lateness Reasonable force Animals in school Bullying Scottish compensation claims Fire marshals Data protection on the move HSE: Stress Resilience Empowered celebrities Lone working Competency framework PEEP Work experience injury


January 2017

------- Governance handbook updated Ransomware scam LOTC heroes Accounts return Theatre free school Council fined after near-fatal accident Hot-working Artificial pitches Sexual harassment in schools Dust extraction incident convictions New CLEAPSS guidance Reasonable adjustment Electrical compliance RPA – Insurance arrangements AALA licenced adventurous activities Making a visit ahead of a school trip Director prosecutions Water margins Stress levels at record high Childline Overwhelmed Holiday and holiday pay High court finds against Ofsted Executive headteacher salary scandal Searching and confiscation Walking in cities The absent free school meal reports Health and safety in numbers AED training Managing radioactive substances Lockdown procedures Manual handling Selling off playing fields Misconceptions Resilience Pupil data collection Mental health first aid Bus crash in Baltimore No running in the playground


November 2016

------- Occupational health Chemical storage warning Food on school trips Competent person CLOtC resources Updates to secondary health and tasklist What is RIDDOR? Food poisoning: know the risks Free schools The new college of teaching Send transition Winter preparations Legionella management Gender pay reporting Post 16 skills plan EFA terminate MAT funding Deaf and hard of hearing students CLOtC conference National reference tests Summer camp safety failing EFA regional framework Window accident Worrying perfect storm is brewing in science Sprinklers are no longer an expectation Bottle flipping The new apprenticeship levy Grammar schools of the future Redundancy Academy structures Occupational health Dust extraction in schools Pupil mental health Managing teacher stress Medical provision in schools BBC online licensing ACAS unveil new resource Data control School inspection handbook Prevent duty Teacher fall fatality Fatal accident at Birmingham school Education grants Child protection reforms Female genital mutilation


September 2016


Modern slavery act 2015 ECRC for governors now statutory Subject access requests Data protection and the cloud PP review process Ofsted strategic plan Data protection reform Voice care Tackling workplace stress Paediatric first aid reform Staff health and safety briefing document Term-time holiday ruling 75% of diabetic children miss check-ups EYFSP to remain National database Psychoactive substances act 2016 Everyday risk assessment Clampdown on exam appeals Identifying allergens EU directive Asbestos Resit opportunities to be reduced Licensing considerations EPC and DEC requirements Working at height regulations flaunted Dramatic night rescue Fundraising for school trips A connection with nature Regional school commissioners The process of academisation in the UK Public money stolen Financial efficiency resources

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