7th March 2022

HSE Stress Indicator Tool (SIT) 2.0


The Health and Safety Executive's Stress Indicator Tool (SIT) has been expanded in collaboration with the University of Hull. This is to take account of significant changes to working practices, including technological innovations that have altered the ways people work. The purpose of this development is to explore stress risks that are of most relevance in the context of modern working practices, and to understand how these might be related to mental health outcomes and workforce engagement. The Stress Indicator Tool is an online survey designed to gather data anonymously from employees, which can be used in the risk assessment element of HSE's Management Standards approach. Obtaining and understanding this information helps identify areas to improve to prevent and manage work-related stress. The reporting functionality is automated, so you don't have to spend time collating data or inputting the results manually. This helps avoid data entry errors, making the information collected more accurate and reliable. The report then summarises the views and experiences of employees and provides recommendations for future improvements


  • Intuitive system that reduces admin time and resources used
  • Survey available in multiple language templates
  • Options to customise - add branding, write a personalised introduction, choose appropriate demographic questions and tailor the terminology to reflect your workplace
  • Automatic analysis of the responses generates a summary report of the results and provides recommendations to address identified issues
  • Directly focus and compare results against departments, job roles, locations, age etc.
  • Understand the stressors for remote/home-workers
  • Functionality to create bespoke reports to highlight potential priority areas
  • Access to a wealth of HSE resources


The updated Stress Indicator Tool remains available for free to organisations who want to use the tool for a maximum of 50 employees. For those organisations who require a larger licence or want access to the remote-working survey, a premium version is available.

The initial cost includes system set up and configuration and the first year of support and maintenance. Licence permits use of the tool according to the appropriate number of people employed by the organisation. Should the number of employees increase, or you wish to expand the licence to cover other parts of the organisation, you will be required to upgrade to the next band.