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Data Protection

In this section you can find out more about data protection, including advice, legislative changes, and recent legal cases.


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Online Images: Protection and Removal

Governance and Finance

In this section, trustees, proprietors and governors can find out more about their compliance responsibilities and read the latest updates and changes regarding educational funding and managing schools and academies.


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New Additions to the Handsam Library

New Guidance for Rebated Fuel

Effective Management of Student Level Data Across a Family of Schools

Curriculum and Performance

Information and updates on safety in your school's curriculum.

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New Workplace Menopause Policy

Premises Management

Valuable insight from industry professionals about health and safety in key fields.


Government May Drop PEEPS Requirements from Building Safety Bill

New Guidance for Rebated Fuel

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Find out more about how Handsam Ltd can help you deliver your compliance requirements.

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