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Published at the start of every half term by HANDSAM, the leading experts in education compliance management, COMPLIANCE MATTERS keeps education professionals up to date in all aspects of health and safety.

Compliance Matters 35: September 2022

Welcome to the 35th edition of Compliance Matters - the UK's original eZine for health and safety compliance in the education sector - let's hope for a happy, productive and uninterrupted educational year.

In this issue, we introduce several updated e-training courses, which are available in the Handsam E-training Centre now.

The new version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) has been published. See what changes have been made here.

Martin Cain concludes his two-part article on Managing Staff Disciplinary Investigations.

World Menopause Day is on 18th October this term. Find out how to support people experiencing menopausal symptoms here.

There is a worrying increase in the use of laughing gas as a recreational drug, with potentially tragic consequences. Read about it here.

We examine the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service.

The Academy Trust Handbook has been updated - check here to see what's new.

In order to support the management of asbestos in schools, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced they will be conducting inspections from September 2022.

CLEAPSS has introduced a new online training course for Radiation Protection Officers (RPOs) and those who wish to become the RPO for their school.

Marilyn Hawes examines online child abuse.

The DfE have introduced New Guidance on Sustainability and Climate Change.

The Government has announced they will be providing defibrillator devices for all schools before the end of the academic year 2022/23.

The new Standard ISO 45003 has been published by the International Organisation for Standardisation regarding psychological health and safety at work.

Two new filtering options have been added to the Handsam Quick Guide Library to help categorise your search into either Handsam resources or external core guidance.

A pupil died on a school trip after his illness was dismissed as 'homesickness'. Find out more about this story here.

Children were rescued from a fire on their school bus whilst on a school trip, and a pupil was left alone in Dover after a passport mishap in these Handsam School Trips Advisor stories.

Handsam wishes all of our clients, a safe and happy autumn term